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Alpha Advisors is proud to be recognized for its asset allocation & Investment portfolio strategies. As a registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest and be transparent. Also known as a fee-only investment advisor, we do not accept commissions on any product or investment vehicle that we recommend or select on your behalf. We work for you, and our job is simple; To make prudent investment decisions on your behalf.

Every investment choice and recommendation is made on its own merits, and with your goals and needs in mind. We consider your portfolio as a whole and weigh individual investments based on both performance and costs incurred.

More Than Just Another Wealth Management Firm.

Though many firms call themselves wealth managers or wealth advisors, Alpha Advisors has had the honor of being certified by CEFEX as an Investment Advisor since 2008. We undergo a rigorous independent audit every year to maintain our certification, and we go to great lengths to ensure compliance.

Our investment advisory services begin with listening. Together, we’ll look at what you want to invest and what you need from your investments. We’ll work with you to identify the amount of risk you’re comfortable with. Our job is to find the right mix for your investment dollars—and we will. We work with specialized asset managers who have historically outperformed their peers to create a customized portfolio. Furthermore, we adhere to the guidelines and standards laid forth in the the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA), which has been adopted in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Targeted Investment Portfolio Models

We listen to you. We get to know your needs, your desires and your investment comfort level. We’ll build an investment policy statement (IPS) that provides guidelines for the management of your account. And for your peace of mind—and ours—we maintain a defined and documented account review process. Based on your investment risk tolerance and time horizon, we can build on one of our proven portfolio models or tailor any of the following specialties:

  • Customized diversified portfolios
  • Cash management portfolios
  • Income-producing portfolios
  • Tax-exempt, fixed-income portfolios
  • Concentrated theme portfolios

Active Investment Portfolio Management

We work with some of the biggest and most prestigious names in the business. Our world-class access means that our clients benefit from some remarkable investment platforms. We’ve spent years developing associations in the financial world, and putting in place a solid foundation for investing success.

Our portfolio management philosophy focuses on long-term performance in any investment climate. We use a variety of asset managers, invest in multiple asset classes and styles, and our managers monitor the market 24/7 to ensure that your customized portfolio remains proactive. We begin with a conversation and a simple questionnaire to learn about and document your financial goals, investment preferences, risk tolerance and the desired timeline. It takes only a few minutes, and we can get started right away.

Financial Planning

Understanding what it will take to reach your goals—like retiring comfortably—can be challenging. When you’re busy earning a living and living life, it’s tough to know what you’ll need, what to do and when to do it.

You know what you want, but do you have a plan to get there?

That’s where we come in. Alpha Advisors offers financial planning for individuals and families. There are plenty of certified financial planners to choose from, but our plans are thorough and objective and never designed to funnel your money toward a narrow list of financial products. Your plan is tailored to your unique needs, objectives, and stage of life.

Investment Planning & Investment Advisor Services

No matter where you are in life, your investments matter! In addition to retirement financial planning services, we also offer sophisticated investment management strategies, sometimes referred to as wealth management strategies. We manage individual assets, whether they’re for funding your child’s education, planning for retirement or supporting a certain lifestyle. Because we are an independent investment advisor, we will help you choose investments that fit your investment objectives, not the other way around. Our financial plans take into account an investment allocation that is based on your unique preferences, timeline and risk profile.

Retirement Financial Planning

Qualified retirement financial planners can help you to answer key questions like, “How much do I need to retire?” The financial plan we develop together will serve as a road-map to the future you have envisioned. We can help you to budget better and manage your debt, focusing your finances over time more on saving and investing in your future. We will also work with you to make appropriate choices regarding 401Ks, IRAs, and rollovers.

Estate and Tax Planning

While we are not tax accountants or estate attorneys, we will be happy to work with yours or refer you to one of our trusted associates.Getting started is as simple as getting in touch. Contact Alpha Advisors to learn more about the kind of plan we can develop for you.

Retirement Plans

Making smart choices about IRAs, rollovers and 401(k) plans is more important than ever! Alpha Advisors specializes in managing employee retirement plans for companies and not-for-profit organizations, in addition to helping individuals address the retirement aspects of financial planning.A competitive benefits package means offering employee retirement benefits that put your employees’ hard-earned dollars to work—and we can help. As a CEFEX certified firm, we have received a legal opinion that Alpha Advisors' procedures and practices equal or exceed the fiduciary requirements of ERISA. Furthermore, our 401(k) plans are highly competitive, benefiting your organization and your employees in four important ways:

Virtually unconstrained investment choices

As an independent investment advisor, Alpha Advisors is not beholden to any particular company’s products, nor do we accept commissions on the investments we recommend. Furthermore, our many relationships with the industry's biggest names allow you world-class access to a remarkable range of investments.

The use of customized portfolios

In addition to choice, our investment advisory services include nationally recognized portfolio construction. Employees benefit from actively managed portfolios built on similar portfolio models available to our other individual wealth management accounts. Retirement asset allocation is based on the individual employee’s unique goals, timeline, and risk tolerance.

Flexible plan design

We can construct a retirement plan based on your employee demographics and your organization’s objectives. We will provide a custodian and third-party administrator, each selected based on their own merits. This approach to qualified retirement plans means we can both serve large companies and also offer small business retirement plan options.

A simple and reasonable fee structure

Our fees are outlined in clear and unequivocal terms. Because our retirement plans are not bundled, we do not embed fees, commissions or other obscure charges. This means predictable expenses that your organization can plan around, and the peace of mind that the choices we make are based on your interests.

Managed Futures Funds

Alpha Advisors is continually searching for options that support long term investment strategies by balancing opportunity and volatility. For many investors, as a portfolio grows, alternative investment vehicles are sought in an effort to improve returns while offsetting volatility from traditional market securities.

Managed futures funds are one such investment that can help buffer variations that occur elsewhere in a portfolio while often offering out sized returns. Because their correlation with traditional markets is typically minimal, managed futures funds can help a portfolio weather market fluctuations. For the right investor this can be a prudent choice for portfolio performance and diversification.

Alpha Advisors can help you decide whether managed futures funds should be an element of your portfolio strategy. We have established relationships with funds that have not only established track records, but that offer clearly articulated strategies, liquidity and investor protections.

To learn more about managed futures and the funds themselves, please contact us for a consultation.

What Are Managed Futures?

Managed futures are alternative investments that speculate on the future price of currencies, commodities, stock market indexes, and interest rates. The benefit of investing in managed futures comes from their long history of low correlation to other market based asset groups. For example, if the performance of stocks and bonds declines during a period of inflation, certain managed futures might perform well during the same economic conditions.

Institutional Asset Management For Charitable Organizations

Alpha Advisors provides asset management for charitable organizations, including endowments and foundations. Our institutional investment consulting practice is well versed in foundation and endowment money management, and the other unique requirements that charitable organizations frequently have. We prize our reputation in the industry, and take our non profit fiduciary responsibility seriously. Our non profit investment policy adheres to the guidelines and standards set forth in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), which has been adopted in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Our institutional investment consultants can work with your organization to construct a portfolio that serves your unique situation. As specialists in endowment fund management, we have developed portfolio models that cater to specific endowment asset management objectives. We work with specialized asset managers who have historically outperformed their peers to create investment portfolios.

Venture Capital & Limited Partnerships

Late Stage Venture Capital

For certain clients of ours, there is an increasing need to diversify into asset classes that are less correlated to traditional markets. Private equity offers just such an opportunity. When looking at historical private equity returns, venture capital as an asset class has outperformed nearly every other.

For most investors, participation in a venture capital partnership is out of reach. In most cases, money alone is not enough to guarantee a seat at the table. Gaining access to these investments has been typically limited to insiders or large institutional investors. Furthermore, the risks entailed by Venture Capital demand a level of specialization and due diligence that are unrealistic for most investors.

Together with a banking partner and anchor investors, Alpha Advisors; principals have developed a unique opportunity. For the right investor, this a unique and exciting chance to participate in venture capital investing, an economic force that drives emerging industries and expands markets.

Limited Partnership Opportunities

Alpha Limited Partners is a Florida venture capital firm currently accepting investments from limited partners. Funds are managed using a strategy that layers due diligence in order to temper the inherent risks. There are three strategic elements to the investment selection process:

  • Only companies with well developed business models are considered.
  • The companies selected are already in advanced stages in terms of both innovation and performance.
  • Top tier venture capital firms are co-investing.

Investments like venture capital should be just one element of a carefully designed portfolio to ensure proper diversification. Investors should be willing and able to accommodate the risks, as well as tolerate a longer term commitment.

To request more information about this opportunity, please contact Alpha Advisors directly.

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