New Windows of Opportunity

Venture Capital:

Along side serious players who have trusted experience in the venture capital sphere, we provide true venture capital openings to our clients. Alpha Limited Partnerships' ability to help our clients pursue real opportunities includes asset deployment in diverse sectors; such as our partnerships along side silicone valley investment firms with great track records.  The investments we can offer in the STEM fields are, as most venture capital investments, considered high risk/high reward. This means investors who seek to gain equity stakes in these enterprises are also providing a path for strong growth potential.


Bio-tech Openings:

In addition to the openings available in the fields of technology and energy, we also provide ground level access for bio-tech investments as well. These types of bio-tech opportunities are how new treatment pathways, drugs, and treatment strategies are developed. If investors enter the right bio-tech venture at ground level, it could very easily lead to huge returns in their investment as well as bring about better prevention or new treatments in healthcare.  

Diversity, Diligence, Wisdom & Strategic Relationships:

Through our relationships with other proven investment firms, we present LPs the ability to participate in exclusive venture capital windows. We take care to ensure that when investments are selected, the portfolio is diverse and the risks inherent to each investment has been evaluated by our cross section top-tier venture capital firm co-investors. By relying on the wisdom of investors who have already made substantial commitments to proven companies, vetting the target company be an investment bank or syndication specialist, and then finally completing an independent analysis of the target, we provide validation of the already diligent process.

Prudent. Protective. Accountable.

These three simple words are the foundation of our commitment to each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small. We endeavor to put ourselves in the place of our clients and treat their assets as if they were our own. You invest for security; not worry—and you want confidence in your investment firm. These three words reflect our commitment to all of our clients and the character of our work on your behalf.

"In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield."


The Opportunities We Provide

At Alpha Ventures we provide investors several promising sectors to put capital to work. As technology continues to drive humanity forward, our limited partners will find the opportunistic and timely investment strategies we offer well suited to their tolerance. We open strategies related to healthcare, finances, science and technology to our partners with a fiduciary mindset of achieving their goals while managing realistic expectations. 

Investor Eligibility Requires:


The investment opportunity is suitable for high net worth individuals and institutional investors seeking opportunities and portfolio diversification beyond traditional capabilities.

Staying Power

Ability to tolerate an investment period, which can range up to 8 years for some of our venture capital investments.


A disposition to accommodate the risks inherent in such investments.


Knock, Knock!

Opportunities for Alpha Limited Partnerships are now available to qualified investors.

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