A Different Kind of Investment Advisor

We are a nationally recognized, internationally certified, independently owned registered investment advisor, domiciled in Florida. We are focused on providing our clients with sound investment strategies and with peace of mind. We take pride in our independence, as it allows us to make every decision based on what is best for our clients. Because we succeed only when you succeed, you can be secure in knowing that we serve your best interests.

Registered Investment Advisor

If security and confidence are what you seek in a retirement and investment planner, you’ll find professional and personal advice, whether it’s for your business, personal, or estate needs. In addition to having a full range of investment management services, we are one of only a few firms worldwide to be certified as an Investment Advisor by CEFEX.

Note: Data accurate as of the 2010 production date. There are now more than 50 CEFEX Certified Investment Advisors.

Our Promise

Prudent. Protective. Accountable.

These three simple words are the foundation of our commitment to each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small. We endeavor to put ourselves in the place of our clients and treat their assets as if they were our own. You invest for security; not worry—and you want confidence in your investment firm. These three words reflect our commitment to all of our clients and the character of our work on your behalf.

  • Prudent - We exercise sound judgement.
  • Protective - We server your interests.
  • We're accountable.
Prudent - We exercise sound judgement.

Together, we’ll look at what you want to invest and what you need from your investments. We’ll work with you to identify the amount of risk you’re comfortable with. Our job is to find the right mix for your investment dollars—and we will. We partner with specialized asset managers who have historically outperformed their peers to create for you a well-managed portfolio. It’s a hands-on approach that provides confidence your assets are protected and well-managed.

Protective - We server your interests.

You get sound investment strategies with clear fees; we are both independent and objective. When we say our investment advice is independent, it’s because we’re not part of or beholden to any brokerage firm, and we don’t accept commissions or product placement bonuses. Our fee-only compensation structure ensures that our interests are aligned with yours—as you make money, our firm makes money.

  • We are an investment fiduciary acting on behalf of our clients in their best interest.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest. Our firm’s income is based solely on client fees, not third-party incentives or revenue sharing.
  • We provide ongoing management services to assets that are entrusted to our care.
  • We seek to provide our clients with competent, competitive and investor-friendly custodians, traders and managers.
  • Four documents are used to govern the management of client relationships and provide clients with expectations about the services to be received and investment strategies to be employed in their accounts.
We're accountable.

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), we assume the role of fiduciary for your assets—this means that we must act in your best interest when making investment decisions. It’s a duty and an ethical obligation—and it’s our business. (Brokerage firms, on the other hand, are held to a lesser standard as the securities must simply be suitable for clients, and may not be required to disclose all fees or sources of revenue.) We’re held accountable by CEFEX.

Certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) provides independent, third-party verification that Alpha Advisors is committed to best fiduciary standards and continuous improvement of our firm. Alpha Advisors voluntarily subjects itself to a rigorous annual assessment to maintain this status.

Accountability requires more than good intentions.

You’ll receive an investment policy statement (IPS) outlining how we’ll service your account, including the specific parameters that must be maintained to keep your account in good standing. For your peace of mind and ours, we maintain a defined and documented account review process. In other words, your account is evaluated and tested throughout the year to make sure we’re meeting the objectives of your IPS. Plus, clients are always welcome to receive copies of these tests and reviews so that you know exactly where your account stands.

Our Process

A comprehensive approach:

The Uniform Prudent Investor Act and similar state acts govern certain types of investing in more than 40 states—we adhere to the general precepts of these acts by:

  • Diversifying assets to the specific risk/return profile of our clients.
  • Employing specialized and experienced money managers to invest client assets.
  • Monitoring the work of our chosen money managers, regularly reviewing our investment strategies, and documenting and communicating our work on a regular basis with our clients.

"Fiduciary duty means that the financial service provider must at all times act in the best interest of customers or clients."

Mary Schapiro, Former SEC Chairman

Our Services


We work with you to help design, implement, and monitor a portfolio that aligns with your goals & assets.


For the right investor, access to exclusive opportunities.


Retirement planning with Alpha is about financial freedom and security, and most of all, finding financial peace of mind.


We’ll work with you and your family to create a wealth transfer strategy designed to preserve and protect your assets.


We develop custom financial planning strategies that focus on your goals for retirement, wealth transfer planning & other needs.


Alpha Advisors adheres to UPMIFA and other standards while helping our clients establish strategies for charitable funds and trusts.

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